How to Choose the Perfect Cigar

Cigars are becoming more and more popular all over the world, but it can be hard to pick out the good ones. As with most other products, the quality of cigars can vary drastically from one brand to the next. There is even a great deal of variance among high-quality cigars, since they can vary in flavor and intensity based on their blend of tobacco. That means that finding the perfect cigar always takes research, but there are a few steps that can make it easier.

Check the Intensity

Some cigars have relatively mild flavors, while others are quite strong. Every smoker will have their own preferences, so it is important to figure out which type you like before selecting your cigar. Experience is the best guide, but it is possible to take a fairly good guess, even if you have never tried a cigar before. If you tend to enjoy black coffee and other strong flavors, you should consider a full-bodied cigar. If you tend to avoid that sort of thing, start with a milder choice.

Check for Freshness

Cigars are natural products, so they can go bad if they are not properly stored in a humidor prior to use. You should examine cigars for signs of spoilage before you purchase them to make sure they are in good condition. A bad or rotten smell is the clearest sign of a problem, but it isn’t very common. Dehydration is a more likely issue, so you should check the cigar to make sure that it has not dried out.

Check the Size

Smoking a cigar is an experience that should be savored, and it can take quite a while. You normally cannot put a cigar out and save it for later without sacrificing a great deal of its quality, so you should only smoke cigars that you know you can finish. If you do not think you will be able to spend a long time smoking a single cigar, you should opt for smaller ones. In contrast, people who do expect to take a while to enjoy their cigars should pick longer ones so that they do not need to start a second one in the middle of smoking session.

Take Suggestions

There are a huge number of brands out there, so nobody could ever hope to understand the characteristics of every cigar on the market. If you know other people who smoke them, you should ask them for suggestions to help narrow down your options. They may be able to direct you to a single brand if they know your preferences, but it is more likely that you will get a list of a few good choices that you will need to narrow down through other considerations to make your final selection.

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