7 Low-Cost Ways to Decorate for a Sweet 16 Party

When your child turns 16, it’s a new beginning. They’re not quite an adult, but they’re definitely getting older and becoming more independent.

To celebrate this special person in your life and to give them a sweet 16 party that they won’t forget, you’ll want to have the best possible decorations, but you also won’t want to break your bank account. The following seven low-cost tips will help you decorate for your darling’s sweet 16 party and make it super fun and memorable.

1. Make your own birthday banner.

Happy Sweet 16 banners are easy to make. Simply tape together several pieces of computer paper, gather some markers or crayons and let your creativity be your guide. You can hang the banner anywhere!

2. Use the food and snacks table as part of the overall decorations.

If you’re an excellent cook and baker, get creative with your food presentation and make the food table into part of the decorations.

3. Buy empty glass containers at the thrift store.

Large glass containers make excellent decorations. You can fill them with candy, confetti, balloons or Christmas baubles that don’t necessarily have Christmas colors and themes associated with them.

4. Have the girls make some of the decorations.

If you have a bunch of crafty 15 and 16-year-olds on your hands, let them participate in the decorations by allowing them to create a craft project that you can then put up for the party.

5. Get balloons at the dollar store.

Balloons are always a great idea for a birthday party, but buying many of them at a party supply store can be too expensive. Instead of getting the highest quality balloons at the best locations, just go to the dollar store. The best dollar stores have a supply of balloons that you can blow up yourself, and some of them even have a balloon station where you can get inexpensive balloons filled with helium.

6. Put up Christmas lights.

For some warm and cozy party lighting, just use Christmas lights. White lights work for any occasion, or if you have a string of purple, pink or blue lights, those can be fun as well.

7. Have nature be your decoration.

If you just don’t have time to do the decorating at home and it happens to be summer, why not make the celebration into a beach party? Heading to a local beach is a great way to make the day special, and best of all, you can let nature decorate for you.

Turning 16 is a big step in any young person’s life. Make their party that much better by decorating with the fun and creative tips listed above.

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