7 Cigar Wraps Flavored for the Holiday Season

About 8 percent of adult men, and 2 percent of adult women, smoke cigars on a regular basis, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. During the holiday season, some of these individuals like to seek out cigar wraps flavored for the holiday season. In addition, some people like to give flavored cigar wraps as holiday gifts.

Peppermint Flavored Cigar Wraps

For generations, peppermint has been associated with the holiday season. For example, candy canes are nearly always peppermint flavored. Peppermint-flavored cigar wraps still top the list for many people looking for this type of seasonal product.

Pumpkin Spice Flavored Cigar Wraps

Many people contend the pumpkin spice flavor is ubiquitous at the holiday season, according to ABC News. Because pumpkin spice is appearing in so many products, this wrap flavoring makes an ideal seasonal gift.

Cider Apple Spice Flavored Cigar Wraps

High on the list of holiday flavored cigar craps is apple spice. This is also a holiday favorite flavor. This type of wraps a warm, robust flavor to a stogie. It also provides an improvement in the aroma of a lit cigar.


Blueberry is a type of flavored cigar wrap that is enjoyed be smokers the year around. However, this flavor becomes particularly popular during the holiday season. It is well-suited for a person who likes a hint of fruit flavoring in his or her cigar.

Cotton Candy

The holidays should be fun, entertaining. Cotton candy flavored cigar wraps are created with just that in mind. Of course, there are many people who do enjoy the taste of traditional cotton candy. In addition, there are others who appreciate the novelty of this type of wrap during the holidays.


Mango is the second of the fruit flavors that is poplar during the holiday season. Indeed, mango has taken to the forefront when it comes to tea and some other products as well. Cigar wraps with mango present a smooth, fruity addition to the overall taste of a stogie.


Cinnamon is another of the widely utilized holiday season flavors. Candy, cookies, beverages are all laced with the magnificent taste of cinnamon. The addition of cinnamon to cigar wraps is a widely enjoyed holiday season touch. The flavor is bold and warm.

Box and Gift Sets of Holiday Cigars

When it comes to cigar wraps flavored for the holiday season, these stogies can be purchased individually and in boxed sets. A growing number of sets include an array of different types of flavoring, released specifically for the holiday season. For example, there are fruit selections that not only contain blueberry and mango, but a variety of other fruit-flavored cigar wraps perfect for holiday use and gift giving.

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