5 Tips to Lower Your Freight Shipping Costs

If your company needs to ship things often, finding ways to lower those costs would be of benefit to you. There are many different ways that you can lower your shipping costs. Let’s take a closer look at 5 of them now:


  1. Try and Avoid Rush Shipments – To get a job delivered on time, sometimes companies will use rush shipments as a solution. Unfortunately, this can cost upwards of double or triple the amount the price of a normal shipment. It is important to figure out why shipments are being rushed. Sometimes the cost can be charged back to the customer if it is a last minute order, or you may need to evaluate and streamline your process for shipping to ensure that things go out on time rather than last minute.


  1. Check for Errors in Billing – Errors can occur in various forms with any type of service that you work with. When you receive the shipping invoice from your carrier, it is important that you review it to ensure that you are not paying more than you should be.


  1. Pay Wisely – One way that businesses can see benefit is by paying for purchases with a rewards credit card. Some rewards credit cards offer savings on shipping services and they may offer other discounts. You can earn airline miles, which can be used for business travel, or cash back that can be used to pay your freight shipping costs. There are many different rewards credit cards; you just have to compare them all to find the right one to suit the needs for your business.


  1. Improve Your Product Packaging – The wrong packaging can severely impact shipping in different ways. If not packed in the appropriate manner, you may have a lot of damages, returned goods, and delays. By improving the product packaging, your freight will be easier to handle (for you and the carrier) with fewer damages and lowered overall costs.


  1. Negotiate with Multiple Carriers – All shipping companies base their prices on volume. With the concept of the more you ship, the lower your rate will be. So, of course, shipping more will save you money. However, you don’t have to just accept the listed rate. If you ship a large amount of packages, it doesn’t hurt to compare prices and try to persuade a carrier to offer a lower rate. If the carriers know they are in competition, they may be willing to negotiate.



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