5 Qualities to Look for in a Great Workout Partner

Accountability is key when it comes to working out. Finding a great workout partner makes it easier for you to lose weight, get fit, and show up ready to work. Working out alone works just fine for some, but it’s not always the best option. A partner makes things more fun, and it makes things easier for many. If you’re the kind of person who needs a workout partner to hold you accountable for your decisions, you have to find a good one. Not just anyone will do. You need someone with these great workout buddy qualities.

A Competitive Partner

Working out with someone who likes to get on the treadmill and go as humanly possible isn’t a great workout partner. You want someone who inspires a little friendly competition. This person is going to make you work harder and stronger so you can win. There’s nothing wrong with working harder to keep up with someone else at the gym when you do it responsibly.

A Motivational Partner

Someone who motivates you to go to the gym is who you want on your team. You want a friend who motivates you to get up and go rather than someone who tries to talk you out of it. Someone who makes you want to get up and go to the gym is the best kind of partner.

A Reliable Partner

Few things are worse than a workout partner constantly flaking on you. You need someone who is there for you every day when it’s time to work out. Find someone who wants to work out with you every day who doesn’t cancel. Someone who is reliable in other areas of life is a good choice.

A Positive Partner

No one wants to work out with someone who is constantly negative. You want a positive partner. Do you really want to go to the gym everyday with someone who constantly complains, bad mouths others, or makes you feel bad about yourself? No one likes a negative person, and you don’t want a negative partner to make you dread going to work out.

A Partner Who is Willing to Try New Things

Not everyone considers this when looking for a new gym partner. You want a partner who wants to try new things. That belly dancing class? She’s all over it with you. She loves to try new machines and routines, and she appreciates mixing it up with you from time to time to keep things exciting.

A workout partner is someone who makes you feel bad for flaking and good for showing up. She’s your support and your motivation, and she needs a positive attitude. Pick well, or you might just regret your decision and your lack of motivation to work out.

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