5 Daily Activities Made More Difficult by Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a common medical condition that affects men and women. In most cases, it is diagnosed in older individuals, but younger women and men also have this troubling problem. There are several reasons why someone might have this condition, including an overactive bladder or an underlying medical condition. There are medications to help prevent urinary incontinence, but it is not always effective. Having urinary incontinence can make daily living difficult, including in these situations.

1: Riding On Public Transportation

Most public transportation systems such as buses or subways do not have restrooms available, and after a passenger begins traveling, they must remain on the vehicle until it stops. For an individual with urinary incontinence, this is a difficult problem because they must plan ahead of time to ensure that they do not drink too many liquids. In addition, the motion of a bus or subway can make it more likely that an individual will have bladder leakage.

2: Walking At the Park

When someone wants to go on a walk at a park, there are usually no bathrooms nearby. Alternatively, if there are restrooms available, then the stalls and toilets are filthy and smelly. While most individuals can wait for an hour or longer to go to the bathroom, someone with urinary incontinence cannot wait for long because they will have an accident. This medical problem can lead to isolation to avoid needing to find a bathroom for an emergency.

3: Shopping At the Local Grocery Store

While shopping malls may have a public restroom, most grocery stores don’t, and if an individual with urinary incontinence needs to shop for a long time, then it becomes a problem. When a man or woman is unable to find a bathroom, they may need to leave the store immediately without making a purchase.

4: Participating in Sporting Activities

It is important to exercise several times a week, and group sports are popular, but when someone has urinary incontinence, they must stop what they are doing and find a bathroom. This medical problem makes it difficult for an individual to participate in a group sport activity.

5: Driving a Vehicle

When an individual with urinary incontinence needs to drive a long distance to work or school, it becomes an issue because of the frequent urge to go to the bathroom. Someone with urinary incontinence may need to plan a trip carefully in order to find rest stop bathrooms.

Adult Diapers

In addition to medications, an individual can have surgery or perform exercises to strengthen their bladder and pelvic floor. However, most individuals need to wear adult diapers that are designed specifically for women or men who have occasional urinary incontinence.

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