5 Creative Lighting Ideas for your Home

A home’s vibrancy comes from the color, design and lighting features. Since natural light may not be adequate for proper illumination, there is the need for additional lighting elements. While a single bulb may do the trick, creative options work well not only to light space but also improve the appearance. Below are beautiful lighting ideas you should try.

Unique Ceiling Lighting

More to the single fluorescent tube, improved ceiling lighting can transform space. For example, you can have layered inbuilt lighting features on the ceiling. For a more brilliant look, you can choose different colors for the bulbs. However, it’s essential to keep the colors toned down and balancing with the rest of the room.

Smart Lighting

As technology evolves, there is need to incorporate smart lighting features in the home. With this, you can control and monitor your lights even when you are away from home. Usually, the bulbs and switches connect to apps on mobile devices such that you can control even from a distance. Smart home lighting works well when you travel, whereby you can switch lights on and off to give an impression that someone is home.

Pendants Lights

Perfect for kitchens, pendant lights not only provide defined light but also add a statement to your space. Depending on the size, you can get the right size for your kitchen. Pendant bulbs work well over counter tops and kitchen islands. Since they produce light to a focal point, they are well suited for such areas. You can play around with color, finishes, and shape of your pendant lights. But, you ought to consider the tone of the furniture and surfaces in that area.

Stand Lamps

Do you have a favorite corner in the house? It could be a bookshelf, a flower pot or an antique piece. Such an area creates attention when correctly placed. But, with inadequate lighting, the places can go unnoticed. Think of adding a standing lamp that lights over your favorite piece. Stand lamps are easy to install and can go almost anywhere in the house. They are simple but can bring so much life to a dull room.

Recessed Lighting

This kind of lighting is perfect for low ceilings. The bulb goes into the framework of the ceiling meaning no lamps hang below. Although fixing the bulbs may require you to remodel the roof, they can last long with minimal maintenance. Additionally, the bulbs are suitable for any room in the house.

The type of lighting suitable for your home will depend on space availability and the purpose of the specific area. But, it should be adequate and well-balanced to avoid glare. Additionally, artificial lighting should complement space regarding color, tone, and texture.

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