4 Awards You Can Give Your Employees

You have an exceptional group of employees. They work hard, are committed, and respect the leadership of the company. You want to reward these individuals for their contributions and are considering various types of awards to present to them. You can recognize and give your employees unique awards for:


One of the very best attributes to reward employees for is longevity. Turnover and training are expensive, and you are happy to keep your employees for many years. The business benefits greatly from those senior individuals who can guide new employees, remember the history of the company, and know where everything is stored. You can award yearly milestones such as one-year, five-year, ten-year, fifteen-year, and even twenty-year anniversaries. Those who are employees for over twenty years should get some type of award for each year after that to reward them for such a long-term commitment.

Major Contributions 

It also important to recognize those who have made major contributions to the success of the business. An individual could have come up with an idea that saved the company hundreds or even thousands of dollars, another may have come up with a concept that made the company hundreds of dollars, and another enterprising person may have had a brilliant idea to make an area or piece of equipment safer for employees. These individuals deserve to be rewarded for their ingenuity and dedication. Special awards can be created in these situations as they may not come up every year.

Educational Achievements 

Other awards can be presented to employees who have reached their educational goals such as a bachelor’s degree. The more educated an employee is, the more that person will benefit your business. An educated person tends to think long-term, looks for ways to improve production, and is often capable of thinking outside of the box to create new and ingenious solutions to old problems. Having employees who are educated while working for your company will also provide you with future executives.

Group Effort 

You can even reward your employees by department. Some great department awards could be for teamwork, lowest absenteeism, most enthusiastic, most productive, and even a best-dressed award for staff members who are always crisp and neat in their uniforms or workwear.

The awards themselves could consist of certificates, trophies, medals, or pins. While the recognition is nice to have, they just don’t pay the bills. Adding a monetary prize to the pot will be so much more rewarding, and the individuals and groups will feel much more appreciated.

Recognizing your employees for their time and contributions is a great way to show just how much you appreciate their service and commitment. Award them during your yearly company picnic, holiday party, or even hold a mandatory employee meeting to reward these deserving individuals. You will create a committed staff who will do anything to help you build an enterprising and profitable workplace.

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