3 Common Resume Mistakes and how to avoid them

Your resume is the first thing potential employers learn about you. It’s your first impression on paper. That’s why making mistakes on your resume is not an option. Not only is it difficult to come back from a resume mistake, it’s impossible to make a good first impression when it appears you cannot even take the time to check your punctuation. If you’re in the job market and touching up your resume, it’s time to make sure you’re not making one of the most common resume mistakes.

The most common mistakes are the most glaringly obvious mistakes, and that’s why so many people miss them. You’re more focused on ensuring you highlight your best skills that set you apart from the crowd you don’t think to check your name is spelled correctly. Don’t let a common, silly mistake cost you a job. Learn what they are, and learn how to correct them immediately.

Check Your Personal Information

It seems like the most obvious mistake imaginable, but you’d be surprised how many people submit a resume with incorrect personal information on it. Did you check to make sure your phone number is correct? You might accidentally hit one number instead of the correct number, or you might change your number and forget all about it when you submit your resume. When you can’t even get your personal information correct, potential employers don’t have much time for you.

Typos and Grammatical Errors

In a world where Spell Check is so easy to use, people still don’t use it. Your resume is not the place to prove that everyone makes mistakes. Check and double check to ensure you didn’t misspell any words, use incorrect punctuation, or make any other grammatical errors. Don’t just check for misspelled words, check for words spelled correctly but used incorrectly. For example, make sure you’re using their, they’re and there correctly.

Use a Good Email Address

This is one mistake you cannot make on your resume. We get that your email address is one you created when you were 16, and you’ve been using it so long you no longer think about it. However, if you submit a resume to a potential employer that contains your JakeTheLadyKiller@emailaddress.com email address, you immediately come across as unprofessional. You love it, but you need to keep that address personal. It’s time to create a professional email address. A good rule of thumb is to use your name as your email address, and stick with that.

Everyone makes mistakes, because we are all human. However, you don’t want to start off your relationship with a potential employer coming across as careless and too busy to pay attention to the details. That doesn’t translate well when a company is looking for someone detail-oriented and good at their job.

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