5 Creative Backsplash Design Ideas

A kitchen or bathroom backsplash can make or break a space. Based on the material, pattern, texture, and colors in a backsplash, you control the energy within the room entirely. You might utilize it as an accent feature or let it blend in to the rest of the design in the space. These are just a few ideas for jazzing up your backsplash to fit your personal aesthetic.

1. Small Scale

Small, glass tiles make for a completely individualized look based on your color scheme and particular pattern, or lack thereof. Electing to randomize your tiny glass gems to create a totally unique backsplash will have your guests and your family hanging out in the kitchen even when it’s not snack time. A warm color palette invites energy and zest, while a cooler scheme invites a little zen into the space. Consider how many people are usually convened in the space and what tone it typically takes on. You might let that lead you to the perfect color palette for your tiny glass tiles.

2. Crushed Media

Have you ever considered personalizing your space, down to the tiles? You might elect to crush dishes, pottery, shells, or glass to create your very own tiles for the backsplash. If you live by the ocean, you might consider using clam or sea shells. If you happen to have heirloom dishes that are well-loved, cracked, or damaged, you might utilize the opportunity to include them in your space’s design. Not only will you preserve some nostalgia and sentiment, you’ll jazz up your own room accordingly.

3. Subway Tile

These rectangular pieces typically come in solid colors and add a bit of sleekness to a space. If you tend to have more modern or geometric taste, consider including some of this ceramic designer’s gold in your backsplash.

4. Herringbone Pattern

Perhaps you do elect to use subway tiles or another rectangular tile option, but you’re bored with the way they are typically, horizontally mounted. Why not try a herringbone position, where tiles are mounted against one another in a “v-like” shape? You’ll add a little interest to your backsplash without the pressure to use vividly bright hues or wild textures.

5. Stenciling

Not a tile fan? You might elect to paint your backsplash and include some stenciling in the mix. You can buy or make your own stencils and paint them into your kitchen or bathroom space in any colors you please.

Regardless of how you decide to improve your back splash, know that you can always change it out and try another design idea in the future. Happy renovating!

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